Agentura ZK
tel: 602 658 841


Our experienced interpreters can handle consecutive interpretation in more than 50 languages.


We provide accompanying interpretation, interpretation at business meetings, lectures and training sessions, as well as court-approved interpretation at official acts with the authentication of a court-approved interpreter (notarial deeds, general meetings, meetings at law offices, weddings, driving tests, etc.).


It is a good idea to order interpretation well in advance. Call us on 602 658 841.


What is consecutive interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation (subsequent interpretation) is when the interpreter interprets what a speaker has said when the speaker pauses. During interpretation, the interpreter works close to the speaker or before the audience to which he or she is interpreting.


What is simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation (conference or booth interpretation) is when the interpreter interprets at the same time as the speaker speaks. It is mainly used at larger conferences and symposiums.

One of the methods of simultaneous translation is Whispering (whispered interpretation), when the interpreter whispers into the ear of the client without any technological aids or uses a whispering set (microphone and wireless headphone).


What is accompanying (informative) interpretation?

The interpreter accompanies the client to meetings, to business meetings, to public authorities etc., helping him find his way in a different language environment. Accompanying interpreters need not have any knowledge of the history or geography of a particular area. They provide professional interpreting services and are not tour guides.